Challenge Series

Further changes have been made again this year, to accommodate new rides to replace those lost etc. And by introducing additional events, as well as additional points earning possibilities; for those who assist in organising an event or hostel weekend.

But without changing the emphasis of having fun and a safe day out in good company.

Same rules: to qualify you must be a Club member and have assisted at an event by marshalling etc. Also it is important to keep an eye on the Discussion Board as we get close to each event to see who is riding, where to meet up/ share lifts etc.

We have given preference to local and Clifton promotions: and also events with where possible accessible entry fees.

This year, as in 2016, the series has been put together with a view to providing some events that would be of interest to the GoRide section of the Club.

It is hoped to have some Sunday rides, including the Audax rides on the 1st. of April, 18th. of June, 2nd. of July and 22nd. of October, that would be specifically tailored to this section.

Other dates in April, May and August are possible should these be requested by the GoRide section.

And if anyone wants to suggest a ride that can be added, then provided it is within the principals demonstrated in the above rides and in line with previous years – i.e. accessible and at reasonable entry fees, such as the Audax events. Then I will consider them and add to this list.


Medals to be awarded at the Club Awards Evening. 
  • Bronze = 6 points
  • Silver= 10 points
  • Gold= 15 points