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                                                                    2019 Junior Awards                                                                 

Junior presentation evening will be from 16.30, Saturday 1st February 2020 at Dunnington Sports Centre

It's sure to be a great evening last year and includes age group awards, food, and fun. Hope to see you all there ! Tickets Adults £10.00 Children £5.00 includes food, limited availability so by yours today...

What we do!

Our aim is to nurture a love of cycling, give riders a better understanding of cycle sport, whilst helping them become the best they can be! We strive to challenge our riders, whilst giving them every chance to succeed please read our Code of Conduct before attending our sessions. We provide training & coaching sessions for young people aged 9-18.  Our sessions are currently full, if you want to join our waiting list please add your details here. All new riders go through a club induction prior to club sessions these are generally run during school holidays, we will send all riders on the waiting list details of induction courses. 
Our session are aimed at riders who want to improve, we practise bike skills, group riding, eating & drinking whilst riding, a variety of balance and coordination drills, games and race tactics.  We aim to be supportive and encourage riders to develop learn and improve.  These sessions are useful for all bike riders, even if you are not sure about racing it doesn't matter come along and join us.

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There are no sessions on Bank Holidays weekdays

Weekly Session times 

Saturdays all year round    - 10.30 - 11.30 (Typically riders are 9-12 yrs old)
                                     - 10.30 - 12.30 (Typically riders are 12-18 yrs old)

Monday all year round     - 5.30 - 6.30 (Typically riders are 9-12 yrs old) 6.30-8.00 pm 12 yrs +

Winter training October - March   - Thursday's 6.15-8.15 (Youth A/B) British Cycling Pathway Development Centre

Mondays training 17.30 - 18.30 for 8 - 12 year old & 18.30 - 20.00 for 12 - 18 year old specifically for road bikes, at York Sport Cycle Circuit this session is £3.00, please remember to sign on & pay at the cycle circuit cabin.

Saturday (all year) there are two sessions depending on your age, 12 - 18 year olds training 10.30-12.30  and 8 - 12 years old 10.30-11.30.  The group you ride in can vary depending on ability but is at the discretion of the coach. 

What to bring any type of bike for Saturday and a road bike for Monday it must be roadworthy. An approved helmet, appropriate clothing, a water bottle, cage and snack.  You don't need an expensive bike to get started!

If its your first time please complete our induction form before the session.

2018 Junior Circuit Time Trail Series Well done to everyone that took part and a big thank you to Simon for organising a great series.

Should you have any concerns please contact our club Welfare Team 

Our home is at York Sport Cycle Circuit is a dedicated cycle circuit, funded by British Cycling, University of York and City of York council. 

New members are always welcome, ideally contact us first at before your first session.How to find us York Sports Village, Heslington East, Lakeside Way, YORK, YO10 5FG, situated behind the Grimston Bar Park & Ride.

Membership You can attend 3 sessions as a non member after this period you will be asked to join the club. Membership for U18 is only £5 we would also recommend joining British Cycling at the same time this becomes essential if you want to race or take part in the velodrome training sessions.


Manchester Velodrome, as a Go Ride club, we also have access to Yorkshire Cluster track sessions at Manchester Velodrome.  These are approximately every 6 weeks, on Sundays 12-3pm and are aimed at riders aged 10-16 years, all abilities groups are welcome as the sessions are split into novice, intermediate & advanced.  Bike, shoe and helmet hire are available at the velodrome. If you are interested please contact us the next session date. You will need to arrange your own transport, places are limited so apply early! You need to be a member of the club to go to these sessions.

Here is a short video (see below) of Clifton riders at a Regional School of Racing coaching day, the elements they are working on is group riding.

What is takes

Key Message 1 - Every Cyclist started somewhere they were NOT born with...they rode a lot gain experience and learnt as anyone can.

  • Speed
  • Skills
  • Tactical awareness
  • Fearless/Bravery
  • Hard working
We believe these are the key elements required to be a successful cyclists.  Most of them are handy to have even if you don't race.  We aim to help riders improve their own weakness it is one of the easiest to get better.

Key Message 2 - The best mantra is 'I want to become the best cyclist I can be', by focusing on the key areas above.

Olympic Torch Activity 2012

On Tuesday 19th June 2012, Clifton CC ran a watt bike challenge at York Race Course, we had 3 watt bikes setup with a screen for virtual biking racing over 100 and 500 metre distances. The challenge was a fabulous success we had over 200 under 16's and 50 adults having a go at the fun cycle challenge. As part of the clubs development we hope to purchase some watt bikes for training and riding development.

Supporting Us

If you are able to help out in another way, financially or offering your expertise we would like to hear from you as well.  We have

ambitious plans for the club we are looking to develop the club over the next few years, the more people who get involved the quicker we can do this.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of cycling is it?

The majority of our sessions are based around road cycling, so you will eventually need a road bike.

Who are the sessions aimed at?

Anyone who has an interest in improving as a bike rider, maybe you do a bit of PE at school and do a bit of running or maybe you’re a swimmer.  You may not do any sport at school but enjoy riding you bike. Do you fancy yourself as the next Mark Cavandish, Emma Pooley or even Victoria Pendleton.

How fit do I need to be?

As long as you’re used to regular exercise, and can ride your bike for an hour or so you should be fine.

What should I bring with me?

A roadworthy bike, helmet, clothing appropriate to the weather, a 500ml drinks bottle and snacks e.g. Nutrigrain type bars for every hour of riding.

Do I need a fancy bike?

No, as long as it fits you and its road worthy you will be fine.

I don’t have any cycle specific clothing what should I wear?

Appropriate kit, maybe PE kit, nothing baggy that might get caught in a wheel or chain, a basic cycling jersey is a good start. Helmet is a must and waterproof if its likely to rain. 

What happens if I get left behind?

You won’t. Sessions are lead by qualified coaches, we have mixed ability riders in all groups one of the main things we work on is group riding, we training on the circuit.

Do I have to race?

No.  We encourage everyone to have a go, but if your not sure or keen to start with that's ok.

Do I need to be a member of British Cycling or Clifton Cycling Club?

No. You can find out how to do this later if you decided too.

RacingIn the Yorkshire region of British Cycling there is a good choice of races during the Summer you can ride grass track at Roundhay Park, Leeds, circuit racing at Richard Dunn, Bradford & Wombwell, Barnsley, there is summer cyclo cross races and Mountain Bike racing all within 40 miles of York. 

More about Road Racing...

All racing for under 16's is held on closed road circuits, which are traffic free.  These are either purpose built cycling facilities such as Richard Dunn, Bradford or Middlesbrough Cycle Circuit alternatively Go Kart or car racing circuits like Tockwith.  Race formats, races are normally run over a set number of laps, current regulations state the following race distances.

Between September and January there is the Yorkshire points Cyclo Cross League.  All the above have racing for all youth categories under 8's to 16 year olds.

Buying the right bike, size recommendations and things to watch out for.  First of all make sure you get the right frames size, see table below. Then that the components match these very much depend on your own size, but small riders require appropriately sized bars and crank lengths.
Handle bar stem length 40-100mm
Handle bar width 390mm (width of the rider's shoulders) with a compact drop for smaller hands
Chainset crank length 160/165 or 170mm. 

Frame Size Guide

For smaller riders, there are a few manufacturers producing quality children bikes, they are not the cheapest bikes, but you get what you pay for see it as an investment.  A quality bike will give you a good experience and help you develop as a rider, and if you do grow out of it and have looked after it you will get a good price for it on the second hand market, good bikes well maintain retain their value.  Once you get onto 700c wheels (standard road wheel size) there are more options on the market.  But remember that the handle bars may need changing to a narrower set and the gears may not comply with the the restrictions its worth asking your retailer if they can make the required changes for FREE.  We would also urge you to support our local bike shops.

Don't overlook clothing during summer cycling shorts, a short sleeve top and fine but cycling is an all year round activity so building a collection of clothing is really important to help you enjoy your riding, the club has its own kit 


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