How to Edit the site

First, log in. Using the username ( and password given, click on the "Sign In" link at the bottom left. The first time you sign in you'll have to change your password and agree to some terms and conditions etc. Future times you'll be straight in.

Once signed in you'll get a menu across the top of the site. The two vital ones are "Create Page" and "Edit Page".

To edit a page, choose a page from the menu on the left, click on it to open the page, then hit "Edit Page". You'll now be in a basic editor which will let you write text, change fonts, do headings etc.

To copy content from the old site, open the corresponding page in another window, select all the text, then paste it into the new.

To add an image, drag the image from your browser window on the old site onto your desktop (or right-click on it and select "Save as" to save it). Now back in the page you are editing, click where you want the image to go, then select "Image" from the "Insert" menu. A dialog box will pop up to allow you to upload the image. It'll then appear in the editing window and can be moved around as you want.


Slideshows of images must be hosted on Picassa (sorry, Google tie in). Upload them to the club account there (details to follow when we create it) as a set. You can then use Insert Picassa Slideshow from the Insert menu to drop it right into the page.


Place the video on YouTube, then choose "Insert YouTube Video" from the insert menu to embed it in the page.

Adding News Items

To add a "News" item (the weekly update or the MTB update), sign in, then click on the "News" link towards the bottom of the navigation/menu. You can then choose "New Post" and create your news article. This will then appear automatically in the list on the front page. The editor is the same as for normal pages.