Child Protection Policy


A complete code of good practise “Policy and Procedures for the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults” (external link) has been written by British Cycling (“BC”), the governing body for cycle sport in the UK, should be read in conjunction with this document. Clifton CC is affiliated to BC and, consequently, support and will adopt this policy for all Clifton CC cycle events. Clifton CC also has a specific Junior Code of Conduct, which all riders, parents/carers are expected to read, understand and sign a person copy along with their session coach(s).

However, the code is general in nature and this document sets out a Clifton CC Youth Policy that specifies how young people can participate in our activities. The policies below have been created not to stop children participating, but to give a framework to support both them, their parents and volunteers.

Nothing is as successful in encouraging children to take part in sport as encouragement, a welcoming environment and a common sense implementation of guidance, not a rigid enforcement of rules. It is hoped this policy will be implemented in this spirit.  

As already defined in the BC publication “Policy and Procedures for the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults”

Welcoming young people

Many volunteers are concerned by the prospect of unaccompanied young people on their rides, especially the risk that they may not be able to keep up. There are also concerns about potential responsibilities towards children.

This guide sets out a set of commonsense rules which should make it easier for volunteers to cater for unaccompanied young people and understand their responsibilities in such circumstances.

Participation by young people in activities

These are, in principle, open activities for all ages and therefore should aspire to general aspects of good practice. Any attendee has a right to expect a quality, well run, supportive experience regardless of age. This includes the Clifton CC regular weekly rides. If the club considers an activity or event is unsuitable for young people it will make this obvious in any promotion or entry details.

Activities that are supportive, well run, apply common sense and have the best interests of the participant at heart are unlikely to attract complaints or criticism.

However it must be recognised by volunteers, participants and their parents that these rides are public events for all ages and the duty of care that can be provided by the volunteer is only at a level of good practice for all ages. Child protection procedures are included in all planning and execution of club activities and represent good practice.

Volunteers organising activities which have regular child participation, even if accompanied by parents, are encouraged to familiarise themselves with “Policy and Procedures for the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults”

In detail:

Note 1: Cycle helmets should have a “CE” mark and meet one of these standards; BSEN1078: 1997 (European Standard), SNELL B-95 (American Standard).

Participation in activities specifically organised for young people

In all activities organised by the club, volunteers have a duty of care over participants including children. However, an activity specifically organised for young people where the volunteer takes a greater duty of care over minors clearly falls within the scope of the Children’s Act and the volunteer should:

The self declaration form provided by BC is the first stage of a records checking process and must be completed by the volunteer. This gives permission for BC to obtain the necessary checks as required, and provides the initial information needed to accept an activity provider.

All volunteers involved in running the activity should make themselves fully aware of the provisions of “Policy and Procedures for the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults” (link above)

Young people attending this type of activity would need to be Clifton CC members and have parental permission.

Clifton CC Club Welfare Officer

For any concerns or queries at all, members, volunteers or parents should, in the first instance, contact the Clifton CC Club Welfare Officer.

In conjunction with the British Cycling’s National Child Protection Officer (“NCPO”), their role is to promote and support the implementation the British Cycling’s policy on good practice and child protection.


Clifton CC Club Welfare Officer - Lucy Cropper & Nicola Taylor (

Further Contacts

If members, volunteers or parents have any serious concerns that they feel they wish to discuss with someone outside the club, or they are dissatisfied with the response on a matter from the club, they should contact: