Le Tour Avec Clifton

Post date: Sep 13, 2014 11:20:42 AM

Just a week prior to arrival of the Tour de France in Yorkshire, Clifton CC Challenge Series riders tackled a journey on the best bits of Stage 1 between Leeds and Harrogate. Rather than start in the busy streets of Leeds, the ride started in York and covered 160 miles with 2500m of climbing thrown in for good measure. The route covered the Vale of York to Middleham, Coverdale, the back side of Park Rash down into Kettlewell, then followed the Tour route round the best bits of Stage 1 over Kidstones, lunch in Hawes, Cote de Buttertubs and Cote de Grinton Moor. After Leyburn we left the Tour route and made a dash for home.

It was a fantastic day with a great atmosphere as crowds were following the route in cars to prepare their minds for the difficulties faced by the Pros the following weekend. There were also yellow bikes aplenty on the roadside and more polkadot bunting than could ever be thought possible to produce. We had a great time and it set us up nicely for the celebrations of the week ahead.

Here's the happy tour riders at the bottom of Cote de Buttertubs where Jens Voigt attacked his fellow escapees in the break and took off by himself - from L to R: Darren N, Steen, Rob, Eric & Andy G. The white hillside bike emblem can be seen in the background which lay to the right of Buttertubs Pass.