There won't be a Reliability Ride in 2019 we will be back in 2020!

Alternative event University of York Cycling Club Reliability Ride Sunday 17th February here

Clifton Reliability Ride

 February, 9.00 & 10.00 depart



(behind Grimston Bar Park & Ride, near B&Q)


The route circular which should make it easier for everyone, once you arrive at the sport village you can enjoy a sit down and chat.  For those travelling in by car you can park at the Sport Village for free. Changing rooms, showers & toilets are in the main building, sign on is at the Cycle Circuit cabin.

Cllifton CC 112km/70mile reliability ride takes place on the first Sunday of February, the route heads from York heading north and includes total climbing of 3,600 feet, general route, after passing through Haxby, Wigginton, Sutton on Forest, Huby, Crayke, Ampleforth, Helmsley, Nunnington, Hovingham, Malton, Norton, Birdstall, Leavening , Buttercrambe, Warthill, Murton and finishing at York Sport Village. Once you have finished there's a chance to sit down sit and refuel at the Sport Village Cafe. The ride is a traditional no thrills test of self preservation, its not a race but a non competitive ride and is open to all riders, not just club members.



Please note it is each riders responsibility to find their way around the course, there is no course marking on the day.


Entry is £5.00 online or on the day. There will be tea or coffee available for all riders at the end of the ride at the Sport Village. Please sign back in at the table in reception.


Historically, reliability trials were just that - they were to prove that you and your machine are reliable. The idea would be to complete a set distance usually 112 km in a given time say 4.5 hours for 112 km, but not more or less

In more recent years riders tend to ride it at their own pace some form a 'spirited' group finishing in under 4 hours, others tend to be a bit more leisurely.  There's normally a steady group that sticks together.




York Sport Village, Cycle Circuit, sign on open from 8.30, first riders depart from 9.00 the route is not marked so make sure you have a map and route sheet.  On your return please sign in with your time at the Sport Village main building.


This ride is run under the rules of British Cycling. Riders must be signed on to be covered and must obey the rules of the road at all times.

Have a safe ride and enjoy. This is not a race! All under under must have a signed completed consent form.

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