Racing with Clifton CC

Alongside the social rides and participation in challenges of various sorts, Clifton riders compete in road-based competition of all kinds.

The club has a long history of success in time trialling, and this discipline continues to be an important one for the club today. It provides a way in to competitive riding for newcomers, with the club organising an evening TLI series which reflects a belief that events should take place on quiet, safe roads. These events are well run but low-key and have a friendly atmosphere, welcoming newcomers to both the club and the sport.

The club has road racers who compete within the region and beyond, and their success resulted in Clifton topping British Cycling's regional rankings for Yorkshire in 2006. In addition to this, club members compete in a local race series and in veteran's racing. Newcomers to the sport are welcomed and encouraged. Regular training rides are organised by the club, and members also train and ride together informally.

There's an annual hillclimb to finish off the road season, and for road riders who like to get a little muddier we have members who compete in cyclocross and MTB racing.

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