Open TT Series

Clifton CC Open Event Time Trial Series

Over the past 7 years, this competition has being well supported by Clifton riders. Nominated are a series of events,which mix both "sporting" hilly courses and standard distance time trials.

This series of events allows club members to sample a variety of events is an ideal starting point for club members who wish to compete in open event time trials.

The open event series started in 2002: previous overall winners include Robert Osman, Nick Scull, Pete Skelton, Steve Savage & Nigel Goscinski.

The Series comprises 8 events from March to September and there are planety of trophies on offer including club time trial champions and the 3 designated 'Club Championship' awards at 10 miles, 25 miles and Circuit event.

The points are determined by your respective field placings in the events, and are then totalled up to give an overall score.

Each category winner is the rider with the lowest accumulated points after completing 4 events

Awards as follows:

Club TT Championship events for 2010 are:

Further details on the Open Time Trial Series contact: Kevin Scully on (01904-709535)

Dates, entries etc

NOTE: To ride an open event, you will need to fill in a CTT Standard Entry Form - click the link to download one (PDF version). This must be filled out and sent to the organiser 14 days prior to the date of the event. Entry fee cheques should be addressed to the event promoting club (details are in the What's On section of the Clifton website).

Event Details