Clifton C.C. Thursday Evening Time Trial Series 2024

Our time trial league comprises 13 events on Thursday evenings throughout the summer. It is open to all Clifton C.C. members and invited Clubs and is promoted under the Rules & Regulations of Cycling Time Trials (CTT).  Email if you want to ride and have any questions.


Events 2024

Click on the course name to see a map of the course.

The League

Every time you ride, you get 40 points for 1st. place, 39 points for 2nd. place, 38 points for 3rd. place and so on down.

If you ride at least five events (and volunteer at at least one) you qualify for our annual time trial league!

At the end of the year, your best five placings are taken and the rider with the highest total wins a fancy trophy at our Annual Dinner - plus the honour of being the Clifton C.C. time trial champion!


We need people to organise events, time keep and help out on the night with marshalling, pushing off etc. It's not too early to volunteer - the events can't go ahead without you! Volunteer organisers will receive a £25 donation for each event organised. The timekeepers will receive a donation of £10 per event. Volunteers who have not officiated and who may be apprehensive will be supported by experienced organisers, marshals etc., who will act as "buddys". Getting involved is a great way to support the Club. 

If you are willing to organise or assist at an event, you can add your name to our Google doc here.

General Notes


If no rider meets the qualifying criteria in a particular category, then no award will be given

Event organisers: organising an event will count as a 'ride' towards qualification, but will gain no points.

Whatever age you are when you ride your first event, you will remain in that age category for the whole series.

Riders must be current, paid up members of Clifton Cycling Club. There will be no distinction made between 1st and 2nd claim riders - all riders compete equally as Clifton CC.

The series operates a 'one rider = one prize' rule. You can only win 1 category although you can be runner up any number of times.

The categories are: 

Overall Winner.  Best Woman - Best Junior - Best Juvenile.  Veteran overall(male) - Veteran overall(female) - Espoir.  V40 - V50 - V60 - V70. Best New Rider. Any other awards as decided by the organiser.

General info for new riders